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We find a better way
and make it happen

Business Process

We ensure assets, not habits, drive thinking

We work for Oil & Gas clients to help shape their technical organisation to match their business plans. We ensure every function is orientated to contribute to the overall business success. We often find ourselves posing some searching questions that test assumptions and ask whether ‘The Way It’s Always Been Done Around Here’ is good enough. Expect fresh perspective from us. 

We dig deep to uncover success

Those decades of experience working within, alongside, and for subsurface project teams has given us the capability to work across the whole technical organisation and help tie together disparate and competing interests into the kind of coherent whole that’s required to deliver performance.  We not only look wide across the corporate landscape, but dig deep to frame the kind of challenges and pose questions that only an informed outsider can uncover.

To your technical teams, we aim to deliver improved productivity, new efficiencies and clearer ways of working. We are multilingual - we are as happy talking about the way geophysicists are picking a key marker as we are about questioning why your chief engineer is not sitting in on a framing session.


We pride ourselves on being your partner and reaching effectively into every group that holds a stake to deliver an outcome for overall business success.

We talk your language

Meet the team

We are proud to work with and support global organisations across the oil and gas upstream industry.  We believe our work is the best testament to our depth of specialist knowledge and domain expertise. Discover the projects that define us and the range of business impacts they deliver.

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