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Technical Computing

Harnessing IT for subsurface value

Technical Computing is the foundation layer that underpins your subsurface data and software to enable the exploration, development and Production workflows at the heart of your business.

We understand that improving performance and flexibility at this layer is a direct enabler for the teams that contribute to increasing the value and income of the company and we have a proven track record of helping our clients to achieve just that.

Building strength to deliver technological gain

Your technical teams face different challenges from other parts of the business, which necessitates a different approach. In contrast to traditional corporate IT where the goal is to deliver acceptable levels of service for the best value, the drivers for technical teams often dictate that higher quality and lower cycle time are prioritised over lower cost. Our goal is to facilitate improved collaboration, to deliver compute power when and where it is needed and to liberate your teams to analyse and interpret the huge datasets that are now commonplace.

We are here to fuse the subsurface and IT

At NDB, our differentiator from classic IT and management consultancies is that we understand the challenges faced by the technical team.  We are able to help your team visualise the complexity and uncertainty of the subsurface in which the value lies.  We’ll help you break down the relentlessly breaking wave of information technology solutions, getting you quickly to the opportunities and pitfalls of all the options available. 

We are proud to work with and support global organisations across the oil and gas upstream industry.  We believe our work is the best testament to our depth of specialist knowledge and domain expertise. Discover the projects that define us and the range of business impacts they deliver.

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