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We find a better way
and make it happen


We help you deliver on the promises of subsurface technology

NDB has been providing valued independent insight on the power and pitfalls of subsurface software to the world’s leading Oil & Gas companies since its creation in 2003.  Our aim is simple - that you get optimum value from technical systems, so you can get on with your job of profitably finding and managing hydrocarbons.

We only play on your side

We are distinctive in the subsurface consulting world in that we are vendor and application neutral.  We are focused to provide the best-fit solution for your business, we are not swayed or biased by any third party and are relentless in fitting tools to requirements. When you combine our extensive market knowledge and credible experience with our position as an ‘honest broker’ in proceedings, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better partner.

We know it’s crucial that your major investments in software technology pay off. We can not only evaluate whether your toolkit is effective from a technical standpoint, but implement a proven petrotechnical applications portfolio and strategy that impacts both business efficiency and brings down on-going costs. We’ve seen successful projects typically lead to significant savings in the range of $500,000 to $3M or more, depending on company size, in license, maintenance and support costs.

When it comes to cost saving, it's about the numbers

Get the industry heads up

For over 6 years, we have been running a worldwide survey of Upstream Oil & Gas companies’ technical software usage across more than 30 international operators.   It also includes project and corporate databases for seismic, wells and spatial data and the tools to manage them. This biannual survey uncovers changes and trends as they unfold. Contact us if you are interested in the results.

We are proud to work with and support global organisations across the oil and gas upstream industry.  We believe our work is the best testament to our depth of specialist knowledge and domain expertise. Discover the projects that define us and the range of business impacts they deliver.

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