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How we work

And how we partner with you for success

Partnering for success

Partnerships are based on mutual understanding, working towards a common goal and collaborating to overcome the complexities.  Our decades of collective experience with the complex subsurface software solutions and the challenges they address make us the ideal partner. We speak your language, we understand your industry and our vendor neutral position provides unprecedented focus on the task in hand. 

At NDB we provide you with the level of service and support your business requires, it’s that simple. Dedicated to the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry we cover a spectrum of services from strategic and advisory, to very hands on geotechnical advice as well being able to provision onsite and remote support. 

Petrotechnical support at the right level for you

Traditional onsite support


We provide trained and experienced subsurface support staff to work onsite, either independently or alongside your existing support team. This can be to assist with a busy period, throughout a transition, or as a long-term solution.


We can offer comprehensive support on most subsurface applications because we are not affiliated to any particular software vendors.

Remote service provision


NDB can provide remote specialist support to enable your technical teams to get the most out of their applications, providing one-on-one guidance and training.


We can provide 24 x 5 or on demand support, according to your requirements. We won't tie you into long-term contracts, we don't have large overheads to support and can scale up and down as required. 

We are proud to work with and support global organisations across the oil and gas upstream industry.  We believe our work is the best testament to our depth of specialist knowledge and domain expertise. Discover the projects that define us and the range of business impacts they deliver.

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